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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Final day madness

Final day for our groups. 2 of them summited Snowdon, whilst the 2 others had a gorgeous day at Afon Ddu and our final group went canoeing on Llyn Padarn

Canoe challenges on Llyn Padarn

Summiting Snowdon

Gorgeous day at Afon Ddu


Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Variety is the spice of life

Another beautiful (ish) day in Snowdonia! Its been a pretty "full on" week so far, with groups pushing themselves pretty hard, with great results!
For some it was a relaxing day on the lake, with time spent both in an d out of the boats, utilising both open canoes and Sit-on-top kayaks, then off to Pete's Eats for a well deserved hot chocolate with all the trimmings, before a very,very wet evening on the Nightline.

Fun on Padarn

Looking cool?!


Other headed up Snowdon, enjoying the amazing views around the them. Did they make? You'd better ask them!
Which way is the beach?
climb every mountain!
A couple of other teams headed over to Anglesey to enjoy some very exciting Coasteering, jumping, swimming and climbing along the coastline.
Coasteering on Anglesey
Can you see any jellyfish?
Some very,very tired looking people this morning, but all with smiles on their faces! Todays weather looks amazing, so hopefully it will be more of the same!

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Blue Peris Metorologico.

Afon Ddu Scorchio!

Porth Dafarch Scorchio!

Porth Ruffydd Scorchio!


Afon Ddu splashy splashy - non-sorchio.

Afon Ddu molto splashy splashy - non-scorchio.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Monday Madness

First day fun!

We had 6 different groups out today. 2 of them went exploring the welsh coastline, coasteering. Another too adventuring up Afon Ddu gorge. And our final 2 went out mountain biking on the Marin Trail and abeiling  40ft down a cliff.

North Wales' famous Afon Ddu Gorge Walking

Mountain biking the Marin Trail

Abseiling in to the trees

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Come Rain or Shine!

What can they see?
After arriving on wet and miserable day, the sun has kind of come out and the groups are off for some serious challenges in the great outdoors.
I can fly!
Is this the way to Ireland?
The students have been off to Anglesey to have some serious fun on the coastline. Coasteering was the aim of the day, with jumps, swims, scrambles and exploration taking place amongst the rocky coastline. They've had a very adventurous day and there are some seriously tired, but happy students ( and staff) tonight.
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The other groups, swapped fresh water for salt, and headed across to the Afon Ddu. The water was probably colder in the gorge, but thrill of sitting under waterfalls and sliding down into pools of beautiful fresh mountain water probably took there minds of it.
Total immersion.
Who knows what tomorrow will  bring.....
Trying to hold the water back....and failing.
Exploring the gorge.

Friday, 8 July 2016

First day fun!

Great start the long weekend for our NCS group today.
Whilst two of our groups went on a special trip to the sea to partake in sea level traversing, one group went abseiling and canoeing, and our final 2 groups went mountain walking. 
It was fantastic to see everyone get fully involved and push themselves, especially when feeling a little uneasy. Success was had by all.

We also had a Duke of Edinburgh Gold group head out on their first day of their training expedition.
With the beautiful sunshine overhead, you couldn't have asked for a better day to start.
Slow and steady start, turning into an eager rush to reach their campsite for the night.

Hopefully the next 3 days will bless us with some beautiful weather to help them all along and give them a great everlasting memories of North Wales adventure.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Knot Club - Nightline - Climb - Kayak! What a day

A very full on day for the years 8-10's today with a mixture of very wet and very dry activities, from kayaking to climbing, nightline to knot club..

First off was a lovely morning on kayaking where the students all learnt some new skills and played numerous balance and wet games.

Then our students when to Union Rock (which is where the previous miners had union meetings in secret). Here they all pushed themselves climbing and abseiling and also starting their adventure off learning about knots.

In the evening we had a very wet nightline adventure. In which the students had to use their communication skills and teamwork to navigate around an assault course, all completely blindfolded.

And to finish the evening off we had a special knot club at the request of many students, where they learnt a whole range of knots, including some quite advanced ones; rethreaded figure 8, stopper knot, figure 8 on the bite, clove hitch, Italian hitch, alpine butterfly, bowline, double bowline, bunny ears, and a slip knot.

Know just to see if they can remember them all and put them in use for the days activity tomorrow, where they will go off and explore the great deep dark depths of North Wales.