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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

What a fantastic day today turned out to be! Today we had four groups exploring the mountains of Snowdonia, and one group who braved the underground caverns of Rhiwbach mine. The walkers were graced with some beautiful  scenes, and even managed to earn themselves a sunny afternoon! We hope for similar weather for the rest of the week, and are extra excited for more adventures with our group! 

 The infamous 'Dab'

 Enjoying some steeper ground
 'I can see my house from here'

 Showing everyone how its done

 'We made it!'

Having a spot to eat underground.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

It's a bit wet outside today

It was a wet and windy day here in Snowdonia today. Despite the bad weather all our teams made plans packed their equipment and went for a fun day in the gorge and down the mine. 

Gerionydd old mine workings

There was lots of water flowing down the gorge but the teams worked together to make progress towards the top. 

One of the best places to be on a wet and rainy day like today is down a mine. It was totally dry in the mines today and only a slight breeze too! 

Now it's time to drink a cup of tea, relax and prepare for more fun tomorrow. 

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Mountain Madness

What a day for our group. Sun out all day with clear blue skies and wonderful views. 2 groups up the Snowdonia classic Elidir circuit, 1 group up Yr Aran and 1 group up Moel Siabod.
Classic mountaineering pose 

Our very Nick loves a selfie 

Are we there yet!

We made it!!!!!!!! FINALLY

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

We found the password!

It's been quite a while since our last post. We've had quite a few problems, ranging from lack of internet, through to losing the password for the blog!
Finally, we seem to have sorted both and hopefully we'll be able to give you a more regular insight into our daily shenanigans!
We've been trying to keep this weeks group well into the "stretch zone" by providing them with a lot of very adventurous activities.We always aim to give them as much adventure as we can! As you can see........
Abseiling- Holyhead Mountain

Rock Climbing-Holyhead Mountain

Canoeing- Menai Straits

Canoeing- Menai Straits

Levitating- Menai Tsraits

Searching for Dolphins- Menai Straits

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Wet Wednesday

Today was a bit of rainy day here in Snowdonia. So we found some fantastic activities for the groups to avoid the bad weather. Two of our groups decided instead of getting wet in the rain that we would get ourselves wet in the gorge! They had a fantastic day and overcome lots of challenges that we set for them. The other two groups took refuge underground in the mine at Rhiwbach. 

Making our way up the gorge

Crossing the princess waterfall

Heading up the end to the end of the gorge

Making our way up the incline

What a beautiful view!

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Valantines Madness

Today love was certainly in there air! In love with our Activities that is! 2 of our lovely groups today went Sea level Traversing at cable bay over on Anglesey and the other 2 groups went Gorge Scambling in Afon Ddu. Even though with how cold it is at the moment our groups got stuck in to everything we have thrown and at them. We at Blue Peris are very proud at what our students are achieving and they are getting braver each day. Can not wait for tomorrow to see what North Wales has to bring.

Tyrolean at cable bay
That looks very cold below me!

We're going up there!


Monday, 13 February 2017

Fantastic February day

Today was the first day of adventures for our group of year sevens, at Blue Peris. The group arrived yesterday in blizzard like conditions with snow coming at them sideways! Luckily today the weather changed, and we found beautiful sunshine in Snowdonia national park (although the wind decided to stick around!) We had four groups out on activity today; all the groups managed to avoid the wind with two groups going underground into the Rhiwbach mine, and two groups headed to nicer weather on the coastline visiting Cable bay for a SLT trip.

Exploring the darkness!

What a beautiful place to be.

Going rafting underground.
Beautiful scenes at Cable Bay

A fantastic group for a fantastic day

We had a fantastic day, and the groups were awesome. Looking forward to the rest of the week.